Paulos Mar Gregorios on Orthodox Christian Tradition

In our Orthodox tradition, we give only secondary importance to intellectual teaching. The most important thing is to participate regularly in the sacramental life of the Church, in worship and in prayer. We grow in divine Wisdom as we separate ourselves from evil and grow more God-like.

The sacramental mysteries of the Church, like Baptism, Mooron (Holy Chrism) and Holy Qurbana are the means by which Christ wants us to grow in Him. Equally important is our life of selfless love and service to our fellow human beings. This study series (this is taken from a book - ed.) can help you to grow closer to Christ, through worship prayer and the sacramental Mysteries and through a life of loving and compassionate service.

As you prayerfully study.., and thereby know Christ more deeply, the Holy Spirit of God will guide you into all truth and into the great mystery of God's love and wisdom.

May the blessing of God abide upon you as you embark on these studies and continue to grow in Divine Wisdom. May your life become a light amidst the darkness of evil, illuminated by the life-giving light of Christ.

Late Dr. Paulose Mar Gregorios
Quoted from the Foreword of "The People of God (Believers in the Indian Orthodox Church)" - an English translation of the Malayalam book "Daivajanam" by Fr. C. C. Cherian

Courtesy: Fr. John-Brian

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