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Unity, Peace or Annihilation

Dr. George Kunju John.P, Sharjah

I am deeply distressed by seeing the recent faction fights in the name of our great church. I would like to remind all before entering into the great lent after Shubkono.

"nazhika nazhika nee therum nazhikayil okkeyum nee pizhakkum
ninte namaskkaravum nombum AYYO ENGINAE KAYKKOLLUM".

Can we shed our pride, egoism, regionalism and love for wealth and unite with our brothers in the name of Our Lord?
Can we support the conducting of liturgy by the clergy irrespective of factions in any church?
Can the worship places be kept open for the worship with a call:

" mochanamathinay papikale varuvin prathippin".

The tearful prayers of innocent faithful are mightier than the human wisdom that build the forts around the structures of the church.

Let us all pray during this lent that Jesus, our Lord and God, encourage the joint worships of our both factions in all worship and pilgrim places to prepare the church to witness the victorious resurrection of our Lord in our church.

Source: ICON - Indian Orthodox Forum

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