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Conflict Resolution in Church - Pampady Thirumeni's Way
George Abraham
Abu Dhabi

This is a real incident which has happened few decades ago in one of our churches.

Two warring factions were behind two respective priests (Valiyachan & Kochachan)and
both were equally strong in a church in Kottayam Diocese. Even during Holy Qurbana and other H. Sacraments, people were adhering to factional loyalties, they will not attend if the opposing faction Priest is conducting the service etc. After everybody failed to pacify the warring factions including Bava Thirumeni (HH Baseliose GheevargheseII), one fine Saturday Evening Pampady Thirumeni (HG Kriakose Mar Gregoriose, Kottayam Diocese, 1885-1965) reached the church (in those days it was "yezhunnallathu") without notice and conducted the Holy Qurbana on Sunday morning. 

In the Sermon, H.G told the Parishers that he will not leave this church till peace and unity is established and I am sure Our Lord will be kind to us ("Makkalle,Yivide Samadhanam Kaanathe Ngyan Nhinghalude Adukkal Ninnu Pokathilla. Daivam Thampuranal kazhiyathathonnumilla, namukkorumichu prarthikkam"). After the Qurbana he continued fasting and praying, staying in the Church.

By that time H.G was already on fast for already 16 hrs, which has begun the previous day, that was H.G's practice whenever he has to conduct Holy Querbana. All the parishioners were astonished and taken aback with this sudden announcement by Thirumeni who was revered and respected by all.

After the Service, Thirumeni continued to pray in the church and some of the parishioners also joined in batches. By Monday evening Thirumeni was very weak and all were under tension. By that time the whole parish was there with Thirumeni for fasting and praying with HG. Majority had a feeling that something very bad is going to happen and most were virtually on tears. Although some well-wishers including senior Metropolitans of the Church tried to persuade HG to end the fast HG did not relent.

By Tuesday evening signs of slow melting of ice was visible. One faction along with the Kochachan came to Thirumeni and told that they will abide by Thirumeni's decision whatever that may be and requested H.H to end his fast. Thirumeni continued his prayers and people witnessed tears falling from his eyes. After two hours or so the other faction also came and told the same thing to Thirumeni. Following this Thirumeni along with both the priests and overwhelming number of parishioners (remember that was on late hrs that too on a week day) had joint prayers. After that Thirumeni announced the decision in the name of Lord which was abided by all and peace and unity was restored in the Parish for ever.

The above is based on the eye witness account given by somebody who is a member of that parish and still alive.

Source: This particular incident in brief is recorded in Pampady Thirumeni's biography by Prof. KM Kuriakose (ref. Page no.113).

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