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A Message for the Feast of Nativity

by Fr. George, Ireland

Christmas is again round the corner. Around 2000 years ago, a host of angels came down from heaven heralding the good tidings of the birth of Jesus Christ to the humble shepherds sheltered outside in a misty night. Their carol songs filled the air pervading fragrance of joy and their message was so inspiring to the poor shepherds-a message that a Savior was born in the city of David to redeem the human from the bondage of sins (St. Mathew 1:21). It was hot news about the advent of a savior- of a savior who was capable of saving the whole world from pathetic plights.

We read in the Bible that the poor shepherds set off a journey to Bethlehem to see what had happened. The news became a reality to them when they could find the baby lying in the manger beside Mary and Joseph (St. Luke 2:8-20). Today we have a plethora of celebrations. But are we able to find Jesus amidst our celebrations? Unless and until we set off a spiritual journey from our worldly surroundings, we won't be able to find Him; we are not going to imbibe the true spirit of Christmas. A Christmas without Christ is a mass- a body of matter with no definite shape or merely a large number of people or objects gathered together. We have to translate our mere celebrations into our real experiences. The joy of Christmas is a joy for all.

The message of Christmas is very much pertinent in this distressed world of today. Yuletide is the season to relive that past celestial experience of Bethlehem here in the present time and to share the love and happiness that we cherish in our hearts with one another. God is making an opportunity for each one of us to come together in unity and in true Christian spirit of faith, hope and love through our Eucharist being celebrated and Carol services being conducted in our churches in connection with Christmas.

Let us travel through the nativity lent to reach where Christ is. May the good God help us to find the true Christ in our midst. I wish you all a very blessed Christmas in advance.

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