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How To Prepare for Receiving the Holy Communion
By Dr. M. S. Alexander, Leeds, England

[Editor's Note: Many of us wonder how to prepare for holy communion. This is especially true with our young generation who didn't have the experience and training their parents had in properly receiving the holy communion. I hope that the following note will help in clarifying this.]

Born Again: My Experience with Holy Communion

How to prepare to receive Holy Communion? I can share my the training I had from my uncle Late Remban Fr M.C.Kuriakose of Sleeba Church, Pathamuttam, Kottayam when I was a child many years ago. For him Sunday begins on Saturday evening. We had to go to church on Saturday evening to attend the evening prayer. Those who wanted to confess or wanted absolution had the opportunity to do this at that time. When we leave the church we were told to read Psalms or say other prayers. Saturday night meal was vegetarian. We were prohibited to say any slang words or make fun of others.

Sunday early morning we had to say the morning prayers at home before the sun rises. Then we all had to get ready and wear clean and ironed white clothes and be at church before the prayer begins. Most of the time the church was full before the prayer begins. There was no "Last minute dot com" type of absolutions. My uncle knew how many people are there to receive the Holy Communion. Accordingly he could divide the bread. Those who participated his service felt that they were taken from this earth to the heavens above during the course of the service. During the service when the deacon announce, "How awesome is this hour. How awe inspiring is this time, my beloved, when the Living Holy Spirit takes wings and descends from the topmost heights of heaven, brooding and hovering over this Holy Eucharist set before us and sanctifies it. With fear and trembling therefore stand ye, praying" they really believed it was happening and stood in amazement watching the altar. When he gave the Holy Communion people believed that they were receiving the Body and Blood of our Lord- an experience similar to that of BORN AGAIN, they felt contended, and their sins were forgiven and they had a chance to go to heaven at least on that day. We were expected to treat the rest of the day as a Holy Day.

Source: IOIF

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