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Orthodoxy Fills the Needs of the People
By Fr. John-Brian Paprock

As we look around about us, we see many people with many different needs. Some people are able too raise their consciousness through beauty and love. Other people aspire intellectually to understand their problems and their relationship to God. While other people are only intent on reaching the consciousness of Christ, forgetting the emotions also the intellect in their endeavor.

Now whatever path meets the individual needs, Orthodoxy is able to show and teach the Way. If man aspires to God with the Emotional Nature, Holy Church teaches him the way to Beauty. If man aspires intellectually towards God, Holy Church can also show him the path to take. The same holds true for the people that aspire to crush the emotions and intellect and seek only union with the sublime.

While Holy Church has these different paths to awaken the consciousness into the Light of Christ, Holy Church holds forth the opinion that a person grows in grace more rapidly with the three ways together. Thereby, the emotional nature, the intellectual and the spiritual natures grow simultaneously into the Holy Light of God.

(Written anonymously for mission to non-Orthodox, sent out of love)

Fr. John-Brian Paprock
Holy Transfiguration Malankara Orthodox Syrian Mission
Madison, Wisconsin

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