Guide and Be Guided By the Light

From A Retreat Conducted by H.G. Dr. Mathews Mar Sevarios
At the St. Thomas Orthodox Church, Southfield, Michigan
April 15, 2000

What is
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Chap 3
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Chap 14
In order to make it easy to read the discussion, we have broken the retreat into a number of parts. You can read sequentially by following the link at the bottom of each chapter or go randomly to any section from the index.

Importance of Retreat

Part 1 - Introduction

Part 2 - See God Prior To Anything Else

Part 3 - Vision of God

Part 4 - Contemplate God

Part 5 - Anxiety and Worries

Part 6 - Sources of Worry and Anxiety

Part 7 - Light Indicates the Presence of God

Part 8 - Baptism and The Symbolism of White Clothes

Part 9 - Journey to The World of Light

Part 10 - Function/Characteristics of Light

Part 11 - Light Warns Us Of Impending Danger

Part 12 - Light Leads

Part 13 - Confession Cleanses the Soul

Part 14 - Let Your Light Illuminate Others

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