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A divided house cannot stand

by Rev. Fr. K. K. John, Philadelphia

"A divided house cannot stand", very true. What is the house, if not family? What is the family, if not husband and wife?

According to John Milton, the most celebrated English poet imaginatively pictures a war-plan of Lucifer and his company against God. Finally, Mephistopheles, I think, his aide suggests that it is impossible to wage a war against God and win. But the best way is wage war against man and destroy the family harmony, which God made and that will be assuring defeat. It was according to this plan of Satan that he destroyed the first family of Adam and Eve. Satan continues ever since breaking up families and try to destroy the God's plan of marriage.

Without Satan's involvement no family could be broken. In other words, behind every break-up of family, husband and wife, there is Satan. Satan first enters into the mind of spouse under various pretexts and the rule over the victims. How Satan could do it without entering into the life of spouses? Satan gets a free entry where there is no constant prayer, firm faith in God and the love as designed it.

Why we sing the beautiful hymn, "Sundarikalilathi sundari nee..." on the occasion of the marriage? Of course it is about St Mary, Mother of God. But there is also another application/implication that the husband should see and treat the wife, exactly the same way as the Church sees the Mother of God. Thus it is an admonition to the husband to love and cherish the wife exactly the same manner as Christ treats the Church.

How did Jesus treat/love the Church? He loved it by sacrificing His own life for the life of the Church. If a husband is not willing to fulfill the obligations as the holy church admonishes, he has no right to advise others, if he does so, it is the great hypocrisy. The safe method is to obey the church and its prelates first and then preach.

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