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My Lord And My God ...and My Church

by: Dr M.S.Alexander, Leeds, England

"My Lord and My God."

When we go to Devalokam Aramana, we are reminded of the words of St. Thomas to our Lord Jesus. It is there inscribed on the wall at the main entrance. I have seen this there many times and read about it many times.

During this Christmas time I had the opportunity to meditate on those four words. I now realize that it is not complete with out adding the words, "and my church."

I see my church as a ladder connecting me and all other believers of the church to the heavens above. Every time I go to one of our churches I can experience the presence of God there. When I say the prayer, "melulla uyarangalil swargiya malakamar...." (Angels at high above..) in the church, I feel that we are standing with angels glorifying God, thanking him for His mercy and pleading for His blessings. What a great privilege for us.

No matter which church it is or who is the priest leading the service, the church belongs to God, and those who are elected to the committees of the church are there to serve God.

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