Mar Pachomios Mount, Meempara 682308, Kochi, Kerala State, S. India

What I am doing is just a drop of water in the big ocean. But some times that big ocean needs that drop of Water.

Mother Theresa

Our Projects

  • Pratheeksha Bhavan (Home of Expectation)
    To take care of developmentally and physically challenged women.

  • Prathyasa Bhavan (Home of Hope)
    To take care of developmentally and physically challenged boys.

  • Prasanthi Bhavan (Home of Comfort)
    Nursing home for terminally ill patients

  • Prathibha Bhavan (House of Creativity)
    Provides job training center for the technically qualified but unemployed youth from poor families.

  • Good Samaritan Centre (House of consolation)
    Provides financial help, free medicine, and counseling to poor patients at the
    Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church Medical College and Hospital, Kolencherry.

  • Pramodam (Making people happy)
    Free daily food service to 500+ poor patients admitted in the government hospitals in Ernakulam District.

How Can You Help?

Let us count the ways...

Where to Send Your Contributions

Your donations may be sent to:
Mar Pachomios Charitable Society, 
Meempara P. 0., 682308, 
Kochi, Kerala State, S. India. 

How to Contact Us?

Postal Address:

Mar Pachomios Mount 
Meempara P. 0., 682308 
Kochi, Kerala State, 
S. India 

Tel : 0484-2760286, 2763025 Fax: 0484 -2765180
International: 91-484-276-0286, 91-484-276-3025


A Message from HG. Mathews Mar Severios

Dearly beloved in Christ:

The Malankara Orthodox Church is committed by the call of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to serve, to uplift the marginalized, and to attend to the wants of those in distress. As a commitment to this call and to visibly express this message, the Diocese of Kandanad has initiated several charitable projects.

The developmentally and physically challenged men and women, as well as the terminally ill, are given life-long protection and care in our rehabilitation homes- Pratheeksha Bhavan (The House of Hope) and Prasanthi Bhavan (The House of Comfort). They find a haven of rest experiencing Christian love.

The orphans are cared for at Prathyasa Bhavan (The House of Expectation), the needy patients are given counseling, free medicine and financial assistance at Good Samaritan Center (The House of Consolation), and the unemployed are given job assistance and vocational training in various projects undertaken by Prathibha Charitable Trust.

Our new project Pramodam caters to the sick people in the nearby hospitals by providing them with food everyday.

We do not charge anything to the residents. All our expenses are met by voluntary generous support from our supporters. We are indeed grateful for your help and assistance extended to us in the past and we hope that you will continue to participate actively and encourage our noble efforts in the service of humankind. We cannot operate without your help.

Please consider donating your prayers, financial and voluntary support. See How Can I Help to get ideas on how you can help. Your contributions go a long way in our homes.

May God bless you all!

Yours in Christ Jesus

Mathews Mar Severios 
Metropolitan, Diocese of Kandanad 

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