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Boost your selling power with your call-to-action phrases

By Vanessa Selene Williams

Look at your marketing material. Now, is there something missing? If you're missing a phrase or paragraph requesting your customer's business, your copy is lacking an essential component. You can't assume that your customers will know why they should act, how they should, or when they should act.

Still unsure of what "call-to-action" is. Look at late night infomercials. Notice how they emphasize calling the toll-free number with your check and/or credit card number handy. How they say if you call now, you'll receive a free gift with your purchase, but only if you call within the next few minutes.

There's a reason why most infomercials follow this formula – it works of course. It'll also work for you, whether you’re including it in your web copy or a print ad.

A call-to-action can be as simple as saying "order today" or as elaborate detailing a seven-step process. A good call-to-action ties in with the goal of your copy. If you're goal is to sell, don't ask them to call you for more information, ask them to purchase your product today.

Other essentials elements include:

• Tell your customers when and how to contact you. Can they call? E-mail? Fax?

• Explain why they should buy. More money? Easier life? Pride?

• Instill a sense of immediacy. Since most customers will likely forget if they wait, the sooner you can get them to respond, the better. What'll happen if they purchase today? Will they get a free gift? Will they receive the product immediately? Will they save time and money?

Another helpful hint, don't save your call-to-action phrase for last. Place them throughout your copy. Incorporate phrases like: Purchase our product today and... Pick up the phone and call and you'll learn....

Already have a decent call-to-action? Pump it up. Include every possible way customers can contact and buy from you. Give an example of how you’ll make their life better and easier. This could be. Buy this power broom today and it'll cut your cleaning time by 75%. Imagine what you can with an extra three hours each week.

Want some more examples? Here are some courtesy of my mailbox.

"Hurry! This "free sample invitation" & FREE GIFT offer won’t last long. Just mail back the FREE-SAMPLE certificate today. So you don’t miss it."

"Classes begin throughout the year, so there's no better time to start than now. Call 1-xxx-xxx-xxxx today"

"Do it today. Enroll online. Mail your Risk-Free Trial Certificate. Or call 1-xxx-xxx-xxxx now" See how easy they made it to respond.

"Get an unbeatable 0% APR FOR LIFE on transferred balances with the xxxxxxxx Platinum Card. It’s easy – just fill out the Application below and mail it today!" So, what are you waiting for? Go plant those call-to-action phrases in your copy and watch your business grow...right now.

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Vanessa Selene Williams an independent writer who writes for businesses and corporations. Visit her online at http://corp.vswilliams.com or email her at info@vswilliams.com to learn more.

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