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5 Small Steps That Lead to Great Achievements
Shifting Your Vision into Reality

By Beth Tabak

"One can never consent to creep when one feels an impulse to soar." Helen Keller

Here we are in 2003...a wonderful new year with lots of fresh opportunities ahead. How can you make the most of this year so that you can end it feeling just as high as at the start? What is your Mount Kilimanjaro in 2003? Get out paper and a pen, check out the tips below, and create your blue print for a year to remember.

1- What is your vision? 

What gets you excited? What do you find yourself thinking about? What do you really want? Set your goals based on this vs. what you think you should do. Or worse yet, what someone else thinks you should do. If you have a challenge such as needing to lose weight for health reasons, how can you set that goal up so that you can get excited about it? Choose a goal you can be excited about. Notice I said a goal. Keep it simple and maintain focus. Write it down. 

2- Who do you have to be to reach that goal? 

In order to change behavior you have to change your attitude first. This is a key reason why many of us have dropped our resolutions by the time the little girls in uniform are selling their first box of cookies. We say we are going to do something such as exercise daily. Then we do not back it up with shifting who we are to become the type of person who does exercise daily. Use a positive affirmation such as I am the type of person who... and fill in the rest in present tense. For instance, I am a person who lives a healthy lifestyle by eating right and exercising daily. Write it down even if it is not yet true. Over time as you take action and continue to review your affirmation you begin to believe it. This shift is a process, and not a light bulb moment. Is there a quality that you need to develop to reach your goal? Does fear hold you back? In order to develop a quality an example would be I am a person who uses my courage to face fears head on. As you face your fears successfully you will gain confidence. Your attitude will change and your behavior will change as well. Cheryl Richardson says it beautifully in her book Life Makeovers, By focusing on the who, the what takes care of itself. This is probably the most important step if you want long term results. Write down your affirmation under your goal.

3- Who do you know that has succeeded at the goal you have chosen? 

Call them up and learn everything you can from them. Hang out with them on a regular basis if at all possible. Most people love to help others, and it honors them. If you dont know anyone or they are out of reach, find a book or research the internet. One of my life mottoes is If you want to be great at something, learn everything you can from those who are great at that something.

4- Prepare your plan. 

Set your plan up in small steps that lead to your goal. You want to start with small successes that will build your confidence and get you excited to keep going. Expect pitfalls and obstacles. Prepare a plan for getting back on track when they happen, and they will! Dont beat yourself up. Plan to fall off track occasionally, and have a plan to get back on. Again...keep it simple and write it down.

5- Set up your schedule

Set up your schedule to include the following on a daily basis: A great morning ritual that will lead to a great day, Review of your goal, affirmation, and plan, Time throughout the day to visualize being the person who reaches your goal and how it will feel, Time for yourself to rejuvenate daily, and Fun! The happier and better rested you are the more productive you become. As you take steps towards your goal schedule time for yourself to rejuvenate and do the things that you love. After all, life is the journey. You dont want to miss out on your life by being obsessed with a goal.

As you read this article there are people in the process of climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. How do they do it? Planning wisely, learning from the experts, and taking one small step at a time from the moment the goal is set to the peak of the highest free standing mountain in the world. Each step is a small success. It creates confidence, builds momentum, and changes who you are. Go out in 2003 and climb your highest mountain. Know that you can do it one step at a time. You have what it takes to accomplish great things. Imagine how it will feel when you get there. Take the first step... Starting Now.

Oh...another option...throw out your goals and live it up with no expectations. Your choice. Enjoy!

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Copyright 2002, Beth A. Tabak, All rights reserved.

Beth Tabak is a Professional Life Coach and owner of Starting Now. She works with clients nationwide to get on the fast track to their goals while creating a life they can get excited about right now. What a great time to find out what coaching can do for you. http://www.cvreferral.com/2/101475.html

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