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Top Ten Ways to Get Unstuck and Reach Your Goals
By Scott Fite

1. Write down two or three ways you can immediately start moving toward your goal. Select one and GET STARTED!

2. Imagine what life will be like in five years if you donít begin moving toward your goal.

3. Make sure your goals are measurable. Having a definite target to shoot at gives you a much better chance of hitting it and encourages you to begin movement toward the goal.

4. Break your goals into manageable steps. Seeing a defined path to your goals encourages you to begin your journey.

5. Publicly announce your goals. Knowing that others are expecting you to hit your goals puts more pressure on you to begin.

6. Enlist a friend to be your goal buddy. Help and encourage each other to move when either of you becomes stuck.

7. Visualize where you are headed with vivid detail. How exactly would it feel to achieve an important goal? How would it sound? How would it look? How would it taste?

8. Post a picture of an important goal in a visible place along with a date for achievement. Maybe a picture of a dreamed-about vacation destination, or a picture of that first new home, or a picture of a loved one (perhaps one that you have decided to spend more time with.)

9. Set your goals higher than normal for maximum motivation. Does becoming the number one salesperson in your company motivate you more than becoming number three?

10. Focus only on the next step on your climb up Success Mountain. After you break your mountain expedition into little pieces, as you climb, focus only on the next piece of your journey. The sheer size of the mountain may be enough to intimidate and freeze many people in their tracks, but individual climbing pitches up the mountain donít seem as intimidating or impossible. If you feel stuck on your climb, instead of thinking of the peak rising high above you, focus, for now, just on reaching a close intermediate goal point on your trek.

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Scott Fite specializes in Peak Performance Coaching. Stop by his website at http://www.lifedesigncenter.com for more peak performance information and to sign up for a free newsletter.

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