LOMALUX PSORIASIS is a medicine regulated by the Food and Drug Administration in the U.S.A. It is labeled and registered with a National Drug Code (NDC) number in accordance with UFDA requirements and is legal for sale in the U.S.A. as an over-the-counter drug without a doctor's prescription required. All active ingredients are listed in and are in conformance with the requirements for OTC distribution in the United States.

LOMALUX PSORIASIS is packaged in an 8 fluid ounce bottle, consisting of pharmaceutical grade, clear PET plastic with white plastic cap containing F-217 liner and tamper evident seal in place. The ingredients listed below for LOMALUX PSORIASIS are dissolved in purified water.



NDC Number 61480-122-03, (US Patent No. 5,171,581)


LOMALUX PSORIASIS is indicated on its label for symptomatic relief from the scaling, flaking, redness, pain and itching of psoriasis.

Active Ingredients:

Potassium Bromide Proven for skin eruptions, raised red patches or lesions and itching; considered a "leading remedy in psoriasis" (1,2).
Nickel Sulphate Niccolum and Niccolum Sulphuricum are proven for itching skin, pain and rheumatic joint pain associated with psoriatic arthritis (1,2).
Sodium Bromide Proven for the melancholy and depression that can accompany chronic disease (3).
Zinc Bromide Proven for itching, crawling skin, chronic skin eruptions, oozing and fissuring (2).
Potassium Sulphate Proven for abundant scaling or desquamation of the skin and associated itching; listed for the treatment of psoriasis (1,2).



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