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 I Bow My Head To My Great Intercessor St Gregoriose
Consultant Psychiatrist, Leeds, England.

With a mind full of thanks, I take my shoes off my feet, bend my knees, and bow my head to my great intercessor St Gregoriose of Parumala and pray to my ever lasting living Lord to continue to empower the holy Sleeba of the saint to enable him to shower his blessings to all those who pray for his help and support.

About 4 year ago, my 18 year old son was involved in a very serious road traffic accident in Hamilton in Ontario in Canada. He was there with his school team to play rugby. In the morning, we did not know whether he will live till the end of the day. When the evening came we did not know whether he will be alive the next morning. He was in a deep coma for seven weeks.

He had excellent medical care. We had amazing support and help from people living in Canada, USA, UK, Middle East, India, and Far East. We continued our prayer, fasting, meditation, etc. day and night every day and every night and all the available time. At one time doctors suggested the possibility of heart and lung transplant but the patient was very weak to undergo surgery. Death was very near on many occasions.

During those darkest days of our life, we prayed for the intercession of St Gregoriose of Parumala, and made a sign of Holy Cross by the holy oil from the Parumala church every night on his body.
Our lord answered the prayers and a miracle happened, and my son began to respond to the treatment and to the surprise of all he got well, and eventually achieved full recovery. He is now a final year student of Medicine in England.

On the 100th anniversary of the memory of St Gregoriose of Parumala, I wanted to give this witness from personal experience for the benefit of all.

St Gregoriose of Parumala, Please pray for us.

Source: IOIF

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