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St. Gregorios of Parumala
Very Rev Thomas P Mundukuzhy CorEpiscopa, New York

Here is just a glimpse and Synopsis of parumala thirumeny to meditate and pray.

Brief Biography

Born in 1848. Mother died very early. Older sister Mariam took care.

At the age of 10, in 1858, ordained as deacon. Studied Syriac and hymns for 7 years with uncle Geevarghese Malpan who died of small pox. Young deacon also became ill and was on the verge of death when saw virgin Mother St. Mary in a vision saying that he won't die, but asked to dedicate his life to God (small pox led to dedicated life). 
After cure, continued education at Pampakuda Seminary.

In 1866, at the age of 18, Pulikottil Mar Dionysius Metropolitan ordained him as a priest, and at 19, to Cor Episcopa.

At 24, in 1872, became Remban and stayed at Vettickal Dayara.

In 1876, at the age of 28, became Metropolitan, the youngest and so got the name "Kochu Thirumeni". Metropolitan of Niranam Diocese and lived at Parumala.

After 26 years of dedicated works in the Church, including 3 months of Holy Land visit in 1895, passed away in 1902 at the age of 54 and was buried at Parumala.

1. Sainthood

"Many are called, few are chosen" (Matthew 22:14) to sainthood. Was a living force. Tender in heart ... helped the needy. Humble in words and deeds. Very truthful...told the truth in the case against him. Several were cured even in life time.

Sanctity of life. Special personal preparation to celebrate Holy Qurbana; readiness to suffer for doing good (1 Peter 3:17). Mixed feelings of spirituality, enlightenment and sanctity.

Declared saint in 1947.

2. Walked with God

"Can two walk together unless they are agreed?" (Amos 3:3). Walked not before or after, but with Abraham and Enoch (Genesis 5:22). Close relationship.

3. Talked with God - Prayerful Life

Prayerful life. Communion and communication with God. All the canonical prayers at
due time...even on the death bed. Daily prayers, meditation and fasting and daily routines very accurate. "Muttinmel Nilkunna Chathuruthy"... some one called in teasing. If we miss bed coffee, headache. If Thirumeny missed prayer, irritation.

Man of prayer.
Prayer is the one that brings truth, religious faith, honesty and respect among the people. "Those who are wise shall shine like the brightness of the firmament and those who turn many to righteousness like the stars forever and ever" (Daniel 12:3).

4. Worked with God

Loved God and man. Forgiveness, kindness, eagerness to do the right thing always, discipline.

Faith preserver, philanthropic, administrator (Niranam, Thumpamon, Quilon Dioceses).
Prophet and good shepherd. Complete dedication and submission to God. Looked after the sick and the destitutes. Prayed and removed epidemic diseases like small pox. Healed the sick.

Ascetic charity, humility and poverty.

5. Educator

MGM High School, Thiruvalla. 
Great students like late Baselius Geevarghese Catholicos, Vattasseril Dionysius Metropolitan, Konattu Mathen Malpan, Mattackal Alexander Malpan. 
Education for the low caste.

6. Missionary

100 or so people became Christians at Chengannoor. 
In 1889, Alvaris Metropolitan to Goa and Ceylon. 
In 1892, Mar Thimotheos was consecrated at Ceylon and sent to America. "Commander of the Crown of Thorns". 
In 1895, Jerusalem Tour for three months with a party of 7 others in the group.

7. Creative Writer/Man of Letters

Travelogue: The brief and charming description of a three month visit of Jerusalem and the adjacent places of importance:

Jesus' birth, ministry, crucifixion, burial, and ascension (Jerusalem Yathra Vivaranam). 

50 pastoral epistles, articles and private letters; writings on education, moral integrity, social welfare, justice to the down-trodden, prayers, etc.

8. Orator

Original thinker and theologian.

9. Peace Maker

In parishes through love, kindness, and God-fearing. 
With opposing groups through hearty conversations.

10. Few Recorded Experiences (Miracles)


Chathannoor Alexander Muthalali and his wife were cured.


Mallappally V.T. Abraham was healed from smallpox and a son was born to him.


Son born and escaped from tragic illness in Australia.


Kottuthala Thoma Ashan (instructor) became Opadeshi (Preacher).


Teasing girl became a laughing stock and was cured by Thirumeny.


Ayyampally temple procession stopped the percussions at the front of Ayyampally church through the mediation of Thirumeny at the death of a participant.


P.P. Paulose of Thengelil was cured from arthritis.


Chirathalackal C.V. Mathai, Kaviyoor found his lost copper pot through the intercession of the saint.

Source: Indian Orthodox Internet Forum

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