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Prayer Before Study

Our Beloved Lord Jesus Christ!

We submit ourselves into your caring hands. Make us learned and enlighten us with wisdom through the Holy Spirit, just as you empowered your disciples.

Lord! Allow us to reach the heights in all good fields with the breath of your Spirit. May we never be disappointed as we climb the ladder of success. We praise you for the heights you enable us to reach. Please help us to concentrate in learning our daily lessons. Please remove the dark clouds of ignorance from our minds and brighten us with your light.

Lord! Please teach us to respect and obey our teachers and parents and allow to make them proud and happy. Please teach us to take care of our brothers and sisters; to endear ourselves to our friends; and to love the entire universe, thy creation. Please let us not fall prey to bad habits and bad company. Enable us to do good deeds.

Lord! Bless us to get higher grades in the subjects of our choice. Please help us to excel in co-curricular activities.

Dear Lord Jesus! We beseech you through the mediation of Mother Mary and Parumala Thirumeni. Please give us strength to pay obeisance to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit and enable us to lead meaningful lives for our church, nation, society and family.

Dear Lord! We realize that (Rom 8 - 28) `everything happens for the good to those who love Him". Please help us to be happy always in accordance with thy command (I Thess 5 : 16,17) 'to be happy always; pray incessantly and praise God in everything'.

Let praise and glory be to you, your Father and Holy Spirit now and for ever.


Source: Parumala Seminary, India

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